It is the 10th largest state in India, with an area of 135,190 km2 .With a population of 25.5 million.
Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest developing states in India.
Chhattisgarh boasts of a rich cultural heritage amidst crusty cuisine. Vivacious dances, great religions, melodious music, lively people, amiable languages, sparkling fairs & festivals, marvelous arts & crafts. Hinduism is the major religion in Chhattisgarh. However the state has a significant numbers of Muslims & Buddhists as Well. Besides them the tribal have their own set of beliefs & customs Hinduism, also flourish in Chhattisgarh .The people here are lovers of humanity and are comprised of nature lull of earthly aroma. Majority urban people are Businessmen. Industrialist with whose efforts the state has obtained a theme of fastest upcoming Industrial hub. The presence of rural population has framed the state into rich cultural heritage and given it the gesture of innocence. Apart from the tribal, many people of Chhattisgarh actually belong to the neighboring states.